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Clear customs in three easy steps

Winning through harmony

Register on Dubee.

It’s quick and easy – just fill out a simple form.

Let us take care of the rest.

We will submit your customs declarations to HMRC on your behalf

Track your progress.

You can check the status of your declarations anytime on the Dubee platform and get notified when they clear.

How Dubee ensures quick, hassle-free customs clearance?

Advanced technology

We use advanced technology and data analysis to prepare and submit your customs declarations in minutes

Dedicated team of experts

We have a dedicated team of experts who monitor and handle any issues with HMRC

Seamless Borders

We help you avoid delays, penalties, and extra costs that can arise from slow or inaccurate customs processes.

Using Benefits

It's digital - a new way of doing customs clearance

Upload your documents

With a few simple clicks you can upload your shipment documents

Track progress

Monitor the progress of your customs clearances

Communicate with us

Chat with us on Dubee platform at any time of day about your shipments

Send us the data electronically

Send us your shipment data electronically to ensure efficiency and accuracy

Fair play

Let’s find a way together. You will be charged by the number of declarations instead of data volume

Pay as you go

Pay by credit card or bank transfer on a monthly basis

More about the services we provide

Stay compliant and hassle-free – our platform is fully compliant with HMRC rules and regulations.

Access our platform from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Collaborate with all your partners on the same platform.

Manage your border crossings easily with our GVMS (GMR) feature. Easy to use mobile app for drivers included.

Record-keeping services securely store your customs documents on our platform for convenience.

Committed to privacy, our platform ensures robust data protection, providing secure storage and management.

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