1 January 2021 is just around the corner and so is the end of the Transition period.

With the end of the Transition period there is one big change for the trade – customs declarations for moving goods between the UK and the EU.

Doing it yourself might be a great long term solution, but things might be more complicated than they seem at a first glance.

Customs declarations seem like a piece of cake, but…

Customs declarations can be complex for someone who has never dealt with them. Not that we would try to discourage you.

It’s not just declarations

There are a lot of other things you need to think about in technical, business, and legal aspects of customs procedures.

You might not get it right if you rush

If you started preparing now, it might be tricky to get all you need on time.

Firstly, software houses and educational centers are extremely busy, and you might not get the service you are looking for in this short time frame.


One major part in these preparations will be the customs system where you submit customs declarations. There are currently two systems – CHIEF and CDS.

CHIEF is a veteran system that’s been around for 30 years.

CDS is a brand new system and the future of UK customs.

For goods moving between EU and GB, you would need to use CHIEF now. And then after a short while, when HMRC decides it’s ready, you would have to switch to CDS.

That means education, software costs etc.

Aim for a better time window to get prepared

Our plan is to:

• Guide you through the whole process of getting ready for 1 January 2021

• Make customs declarations on your behalf until you feel ready to start doing them yourself

We will ensure you have a smooth Transition period, and when the storm is over, you will be able to get prepared peacefully.

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