At Dubee Agency Ltd, located in London, UK, we operate with an unwavering commitment to ethical and responsible business practices. We staunchly oppose any forms of modern slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labor, and human trafficking within our operations and supply chain. This statement, aligned with Section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, is a testament to our dedication towards mitigating the risks of modern slavery.

Our Business Structure and Supply Chains

Dubee Agency Ltd, based in London, is a customs clearance agency and software provider. We specialize in offering streamlined customs procedures and cutting-edge digital solutions to a diverse clientele. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional service, proficient technical support, and fostering unwavering customer trust.

Our supply chain mainly focuses on software provision and associated technical services. We have established direct, transparent relationships with these select suppliers, which guarantees deep insights into their operations and the assurance that they align with ethical business standards. We consistently prioritize collaboration with suppliers who mirror our commitment to upholding ethical practices and abiding by all relevant regulations.

Our Stance on Slavery and Human Trafficking

While Dubee Agency Ltd has not yet formalized a policy centered around modern slavery and human trafficking, our steadfast commitment to the principles enshrined in the Modern Slavery Act 2015 remains undeterred. We recognize the gravity of these issues and are committed to devising and implementing strategies to minimize any associated risks in our operations and supply chains.

Looking Ahead

Aware of the serious ramifications of modern slavery and human trafficking, we are contemplating the formulation of a comprehensive policy tailored to our specific operations and supply chains. Effective mechanisms to undertake rigorous due diligence when partnering with our suppliers are also under consideration. Our overarching ambition is not just compliance with the Modern Slavery Act but to excel beyond its requirements, embodying a paragon of transparency and ethical business operations.


This statement, reflecting our unyielding dedication for the forthcoming year, has been approved by the board of Dubee Agency Ltd on October 2022.

Krunoslav Pribanić
October, 2022