1. GVMS – road consignments

• Full frontier declarations will be required from 1 January 2022

• UK Roll on-Roll off ports will operate the Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) system

• GVMS is a UK online system for linking UK customs declarations to vehicle licence plate numbers

• The haulier (vehicle operator) is responsible for the GVMS submission

• All goods in a vehicle must be declared to the UK customs system and submitted to GVMS before embarking on a ferry

• Goods Movement Number (GMR) that is generated in GVMS must contain all the declarations’ entry numbers on the truck: import and transit declarations

• If a customs declaration is submitted to the UK customs system, but is not contained in GMR, goods won’t be automatically cleared

Please find the workflow below

• The haulier needs to do the following to use GVMS

 What happens if my goods arrive at the point of exit in the EU without a GMR?

 If the haulier shows up without a GMR, they won’t be allowed to embark on the ferry.

 What if a customs declaration is not submitted before the goods enter in the UK?

 There is no possibility of goods being declared after they arrive in the UK in a regular procedure.

 If all or some of the goods are not declared into the UK customs system, they might be considered as smuggled.

What are my options to use GVMS?

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Sea freight – there are no changes to non-RoRo freight movements (inventory-linked ports).

NOT NEW, BUT IMPORTANT: Statement on origin – mandatory for EU originating goods

  •    • The EU supplier must issue a Statement on origin for goods originating in the EU on commercial invoices so that a UK company
          can claim a preferential duty rate on the goods
  •    • If the statement on origin is not issued, the UK importer will pay the full customs duty
  •    • For invoices above 6.000 euros of value the EU supplier must have a REX number

 What happens if an EU supplier doesn’t issue a Statement on origin or doesn’t have a REX number (for invoices above 6.000 euros of value)?

 The UK company will not be able to claim preferential rate on those goods and will have to pay import duty at a full duty rate.

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