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Get ready for the (near) future of customs

HMRC is taking digitalisation to the next level and will publish the Targeted Operating Model in autumn 2022 as part of the UK upcoming border strategy.
The ultimate goal is to ensure the full digital data flow between parties involved in the supply chain for the frictionless movement of goods.

„The ability to scan a form into PDF format and email does not constitute true digitalisation. True, or full, digitalisation in the context of international trade involves the digitalisation of all trade-related information flows.”
Institute of Export & International Trade.

Integration with Dubee

The Dubee platform enables integration between us, our partners in the supply chain, and government - establishing the digital data flow.
We have processed 300.000 shipments through integration so far.

First step of integration

You produce a relevant commercial document (invoices, packing lists, export declarations) in digital format such as XML, JSON, XLS, etc.

You are probably already producing this for other purposes.

Second (and last) step of integration

Install a simple Dubee service in your environment to transfer documents to the Dubee platform and create shipments for customs clearance.

How the integrated customs clearance process works

Boost your supply chain!

According to a Digital Supply Chain initiative (DSCi) assessment, among 24 companies assessed, digitization led to a:

  • 20% decrease in procurement costs
  • 50% reduction in supply chain costs
  • 10% growth in revenue

Why don't we charge for integration you ask?

We believe full digitalisation is the way to go and will bring benefits to all of us.

Real-time monitoring

Track documents, declarations and communicate with us on the platform – you don't have to waste time browsing emails looking for information

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